Aussie medical drama The Surgeon started streaming in the States about a week ago. Check it out when you can.

The Surgeon
The Surgeon: Sam Worthington as Dr. Sam Dash, Justine Clarke as Dr. Eve Agius, Nicholas Bell as Dr. Julian Sierson — Photo © Endemol Australia / Southern Star

An Australian Film Institute award nominee for Best Telefeature or Mini Series and a Logie Awards nominee for Most Outstanding Drama Series, The Surgeon is a half-hour medical drama that centers on Dr. Eve Agius (Justine Clarke, The Time of Our Lives, All Saints), a highly-skilled surgical fellow and the lone female on the surgical team at (the fictional) Sydney General Hospital.

Most of the eight episodes feature a standalone story about one patient — including an obese man who undergoes gastric bypass surgery, a young water polo player who contracts necrotizing fasciitis (better known as flesh-eating disease), and a pregnant woman involved in a car accident, amongst others. Each episode’s prologue provides a bit of backstory as to how the patient came to be at the hospital, and the epilogue reveals what happened with the patient after their surgery(s).

That’s it. Unlike other medical drama series, The Surgeon doesn’t leave the hospital setting (after the prologue) or get into the characters’ personal lives, save for comments that come up in conversation in the surgical ward.

The focus is on Eve’s care of her patients, whether it’s one or several in the same evening, which involves her interactions with the patients and their families, members of the nursing team, anesthetists, medical consultants, and her fellow surgeons. And no matter if she’s inside the operating theatre, in a hospital corridor, or by the nurses’ station, Eve must also tend to her career by navigating well the politics of the place.

Costars include Sam Worthington (Avatar, Clash of the Titans), Nicholas Bell (Wanted, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), Christopher Morris (Janet King, Crownies), Katie Wall (Winter, Love My Way), Matthew Newton (Underbelly, Farscape), Matt Zeremes (Home and Away, Secret City), and Chum Ehelepola (No Activity, A Moody Christmas).

(By the way, your belly button has its own ecosystem, so make sure you clean yours, lest you end up with “a mushroom” like the woman in Episode 4. #learnsomethingneweveryday)

The Surgeon is currently streaming in the US on Prime Video.


Prime Video

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The Surgeon: Intense Australian Medical Drama Now Streaming in the US
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