With stay-at-home orders in place in most US states, here are a few Australian series you might have missed that can help you from going stir crazy.

Sea Patrol
Sea Patrol — Image courtesy of Prime Video

The five series below might have fewer episodes than the 12 Down Under shows with 70+ episodes that I wrote about a couple weeks ago, but they’re still bingeable.

All of them are currently available for streaming on Prime Video in the US.


Set in the (fictional) small town of Lost River, this drama follows the lives of the new and longtime residents, centering on the members of the local volunteer fire brigade, who must battle blazes during the hottest, driest summer in decades. The cast includes Libby Tanner (Rescue Special Ops), John Waters (Offspring), Jeremy Sims (Wild Boys), Christopher Morris (Janet King), and Nadia Townsend (City Homicide).

House of BondHouse of Bond

Ben Mingay (Packed to the Rafters) stars in this two-part biopic as controversial business tycoon Alan Bond. Covering his life from the 1960s to the 1990s, the rags-to-riches-to-rags tale shows Bond becoming the richest man in Australia and later the country’s greatest villain. Costars include Adrienne Pickering (Rake), Anne Looby (All Saints), Rachael Taylor (Jessica Jones), and Sam Neill (The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill).

Police RescuePolice Rescue

This two-time Logie Awards winner for Most Popular Drama follows the lives and cases of the members of the Sydney-based New South Wales Police Rescue Squad, who attend to incidents that range from road accidents to train crashes. The key cast members are Gary Sweet (House Husbands), Sonia Todd (McLeod’s Daughters), Steve Bastoni (Fat Tony & Co), and John Clayton (Big Sky). (The first of five seasons is currently available.)

Sea PatrolSea Patrol

This action-adventure drama follows the crew of the naval patrol boat HMAS Hammersley, as they patrol the northern sea border of Australia. Their work includes dealing with poachers, smugglers, and political unrest in a neighboring island state. John Batchelor (The Heart Guy), Matthew Holmes (Pine Gap), Lisa McCune (Blue Heelers), Kristian Schmid (Home and Away), and Ian Stenlake (The Secret Daughter) appear in all 68 episodes. (All five seasons are currently available.)

Young LionsYoung Lions

Set in inner-city Sydney, this police drama follows the professional and personal lives of four young Detective Senior Constables — Eddie Mercia (Alex Dimitriades, The Principal), Donna Parry (Alexandra Davies, All Saints), Guy ‘Guido’ Martin (Tom Long, SeaChange), and Cameron Smart (Anna Lise Phillips, Harrow) — whose work at the South West 101 police station includes dealing with murders and cases involving cops past and present.


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