The weekend is here, and so is Rescue Special Ops, a thrilling and binge-worthy drama series from Australia whose first season is now streaming in the States.

Rescue Special Ops
Cast of Rescue Special Ops — Photo © Southern Star Entertainment / Endemol Shine Australia

Rescue Special Ops follows the paramedics of the New South Wales Ambulance agency’s Special Operations Rescue unit, who get called in for complex search and rescue operations in and around Sydney.

The action-oriented series opens with two teams of rescue officers being dispatched to the Blue Mountains National Park to find two high school students who went missing from their camp overnight. While Chase Gallagher (Andrew Lees, The Originals) and Jordan Zwitkowski (Daniel Amalm, Home and Away) locate, then lose, one of the teens, unit leader Dean Gallagher (Les Hill, Underbelly), Chase’s big brother, and Lara Knight (Gigi Edgley, Farscape) hap upon two adults involved in an accident.

In the second episode, Dean saves a young woman dangling from the balcony of a high-rise hotel. Later he must rescue Lara following her failed attempt to get a thrill-seeker to leave a stormwater drain minutes before a major storm is due to arrive. This isn’t the last time Lara encounters the adrenaline junkie, nor the last time Dean saves her from an early grave.

Eleven more episodes make up Season 1 (and my weekend viewing).

The series costars Katherine Hicks (Devil’s Dust) as helicopter pilot Heidi Wilson, Libby Tanner (Wentworth) as station manager Michelle LeTourneau, and Peter Phelps (Underbelly) as station coordinator Vince Marchello.

Rescue Special Ops is currently streaming in the US on Prime Video. Check it out!


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Rescue Special Ops: Terrific Aussie Drama Now Streaming in the US
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