Hulu has set the US premiere date for the new Australian thriller limited series Safe Home.

Safe Home
Safe Home: Aisha Dee as Phoebe Rook — Photo courtesy of Hulu

Safe Home is a compelling, multi-layered thriller that looks at the epidemic of family violence through the lens of interconnecting stories — all linked to the story of a young woman whose life is turned upside down when she gets entangled in a murder.

AACTA Awards nominee Aisha Dee (Apple Cider Vinegar, Sissy, The Bold Type) stars in Safe Home as Phoebe Rook, a 28-year-old who does PR at a high-profile law firm. Wanting more meaning in her life, she leaves this job for one at a Family Violence Legal Centre, where legal services are provided free of charge to people escaping domestic violence.

One victim is Diana (Janet Andrewartha, Neighbours), a hardworking grandmother whose emotionally abusive husband, Jon (Mark Mitchinson, Dear Murderer), has been controlling every aspect of her life since he retired. Another is Ry (Tegan Stimson, Irreverent), a homeless runaway whose relationship with controlling coworker Xander (Nicholas Burton, Barons) quickly turns ugly. There’s also Cherry Yeo (Katlyn Wong, Mystic), an Asian mother of two suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder after her husband, Kelvin (Yuchen Wang, New Gold Mountain), tried to kill her.

With funding for the centre in jeopardy, Phoebe scores a win at her new job by getting media coverage for the centre that results in funding being saved, thereby allowing the place to stay open and continue helping vulnerable, frightened domestic violence victims.

But a shadow is cast over Phoebe’s personal and professional life, with details coming to light during questioning of her by the police during a murder investigation…

Safe Home premieres in the US on Tuesday, January 9, 2024, exclusively on Hulu.

Costars in the four-episode thriller include Mabel Li (New Gold Mountain), Virginia Gay (All Saints), Thomas Cocquerel (The Gilded Age), and Antonia Prebble (Westside), with supporting cast Hal Cumpston (The Walking Dead), Chenoa Deemal (Troppo), and David Roberts (Total Control).


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Safe Home: Hulu Sets Premiere Date for Australian Thriller Limited Series
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