Netflix has announced several titles from Australia that will be making their way to the global streamer.

Netflix ANZ Slate
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In an announcement from Que Minh Luu, the Director of Content for Netflix ANZ, the upcoming films and shows from Australia celebrate Australian culture and showcase the diverse people and landscapes from all corners of the country and across all genres. Some of the titles will be released on Netflix this year, while others will start production before the year is out. They include:

Love Is in the Air

Delta Goodrem (Neighbours) stars in this romantic drama as Dana, a fiercely independent seaplane pilot fighting the keep her family business afloat. But then she starts to fall for the man sent by corporate to ground her operation and sink her business forever. The film costars Joshua Sasse (Galavant), Steph Tisdell (Total Control), and Roy Billing (Jack Irish). Love is in the Air, a Netflix Film, premieres globally on Thursday, September 28, exclusively on Netflix. (You can set a reminder for it now.)

OneFour: Against All Odds

This documentary sheds light on a controversy that is still playing out today: On one side is arguably the most popular drill rap group in Australia — a group of Sydney-based, Pacific Islander kids who use music to escape the street and avoid a life of crime. On the other is a specialist police task force that, two years into the rap group’s meteoric rise, shuts down their sold-out national tour, citing public safety over concerns that the group’s music will incite violence. OneFour: Against All Odds will premiere globally exclusively on Netflix later this year (date tba). (You can set a reminder for it now.)

Desert King (w/t)

Set in the Australian Outback, this western drama series is about power, family, land, and legacy. When the world’s largest cattle station, one the size of Wales, is left without a clear successor, generational clashes threaten to tear the Lawson family apart. Sensing this once great dynasty is in decline, the outback’s most powerful factions — rival cattle barons, desert gangsters, Indigenous elders, and billionaire miners — move in for the kill.

The Survivors (w/t)

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel The Survivors by acclaimed Australian author Jane Harper, this mystery-crime drama limited series explores the impact of unresolved grief. Fifteen years ago, a terrible storm hit the Tasmanian seaside tourist town of Evelyn Bay and three young people died. Kieran lost his older brother, Finn; Mia lost her best friend, Gabby; and Finn’s best friend, Toby, also died. The respective families, the community of friends, and the very town itself, became haunted and defined by these immeasurable losses. Kieran and Mia coped with their feelings of guilt and culpability by running away. But now they are back, and a new tragedy — the murder of a young woman — forces them to confront the past again with all of its murky secrets.

The above titles are in addition to previously-announced ones, including:

Boy Swallows Universe

Adapted from Trent Dalton’s iconic Australian novel Boy Swallows Universe, named one of the best literary fiction titles of 2019 by Library Journal, this drama series is a coming-of-age story that blends the magic and innocence of youth with the brutal reality of the adult world. Set in 1980s Brisbane, it centers on Eli Bell, whose father is lost, mum is a junkie, brother is mute, stepfather is a heroin dealer, and babysitter is a notorious criminal. While Eli is just trying to follow his heart and understand what it means to be a good man, fate keeps throwing obstacles in his way. The cast includes Travis Fimmel (Black Snow), Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals), Felix Cameron (Penguin Bloom), Lee Tiger Halley (Crazy Fun Park), and Bryan Brown (Darby and Joan). (The premiere date hasn’t been set yet, but you can set a reminder for the series now.)

Eddie’s Lil Homies

Inspired by Eddie Betts’s children’s books, this animated comedy series follows eight-year-old Eddie and his two best friends, Lottie and Tal, as they navigate the complex and often fantastical waters of childhood. Their friends are their family and the playground is their universe, one where anything and everything is possible — where imaginary friends can be real, where games of rock-paper-scissors can take on stupendous importance and kindness, and where empathy and a good rap can help put anything right.


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