The new year brings the national premieres of a new Australian romantic dramedy series and the new season of a hit Aussie political thriller, and more.

Total Control S2
Total Control: Deborah Mailman as Alex Irving & Rachel Griffiths as Rachel Anderson — Photo © 2021 Sundance Now & Blackfella Films & A3MI

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Wolf Like Me (Australia)

In this romantic dramedy with a twist, Gary (Josh Gad, Avenue 5, Central Park) and Mary (Isla Fisher, Wedding Crashers, The Great Gatsby) bring baggage to their new relationship like everyone else. Gary is an emotional wreck, struggling to provide for his daughter since the death of his wife, and Mary has a secret she can’t bring herself to share with anyone. The universe brought these two together for a reason; they just need to keep following the signs.

Wolf Like Me, a Peacock Original series, premieres in the US in its entirety on Thursday, January 13, exclusively on Peacock.

Total Control: Season 2 (Australia)

This 2019 AACTA award winner for Best Drama Series returns with Best Lead Actress award winner Deborah Mailman (Jack Irish, Mystery Road, Offspring) as charismatic Indigenous woman and newbie politician Alex Irving. Following the events in Season 1, the six-episode new season of this political thriller sees Alex set out for revenge after being betrayed by the Prime Minister, set about doing things her way in order to make a real difference in the community, and set the political establishment alight.

Costarring Best Guest or Supporting Actress award winner Rachel Griffith (Six Feet Under, Brothers and Sisters, Dead Lucky), Total Control: Season 2 premieres in the US on Thursday, January 20, exclusively on Sundance Now and its digital channels, including Sundance Now on Amazon Channels, as well as the AMC+ streaming bundle. New episodes will debut every Thursday through February 24.

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Birthplace of the Giants (Australia)

This hour-long documentary is an epic scientific expedition to the breeding grounds of the humpback whale. In Western Australia, two whale researchers capture never-before-seen whale behavior, providing insight into the secret life of these enigmatic giants.

Birthplace of the Giants
Birthplace of the Giants — Image courtesy of APT

Birthplace of the Giants is confirmed for airing on or after Saturday, January 1, on the following public TV stations and regional networks: Idaho Public Television, KCET, KCPT, KLRN, KUAT, WCET, WCVE, WLRN, WSBE, and WVPT.

Packed to the Rafters: Season 2 (Australia)

An AACTA Awards winner for Best Television Program and a Logie Awards winner for Most Popular Drama Series, this fan-favorite drama-comedy series revolves around the Rafter family, including would-be empty-nesters Dave (Erik Thomson, 800 Words, The Alice) and Julie Rafter (Rebecca Gibney, Wanted, Winter), and their children and other family members who return to the roost.

Packed to the Rafters
Packed to the Rafters: Rebecca Gibney as Julie Rafter & Erik Thomson as Dave Rafter — Photo courtesy of APT

Packed to the Rafters: Season 2 is confirmed for airing on or after Saturday, January 1, on the following public TV stations and regional networks: KSPS, KTWU, South Carolina ETV, WDSC, WDSE, WLIW, and WSKG.

The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator (Australia)

Another hour-long documentary is this one, which tells the story of an underwater shark attack that leads investigators on a search for the ocean’s most fearsome predator. However, this isn’t a case of a shark attacking a human, but that of a sea creature that devoured a great white shark.

The Search for the Ocean's Super Predator
The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator — Image courtesy of APT

The Search for the Ocean’s Super Predator is confirmed for airing on or after Saturday, January 1, on the following public TV stations and regional networks: Idaho Public Television, Kentucky Educational Television, KERA, KLRU, Maryland Public Television, Nebraska Public Media, PBS North Carolina, WCVE, WIPB, WLRN, WSBE, WVPT, and WyomingPBS.

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The Beautiful Lie (Australia)

Starring Sarah Snook (Succession) and Rodger Corser (The Heart Guy), along with Sophie Lowe (The Returned) and Benedict Samuel (The Walking Dead), this acclaimed drama is a reimagining of Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina. Set in the milieu of contemporary middle-class life, this six-part series explores the love lives of happy and unhappy families in all their mess and grandeur. The Beautiful Lie begins streaming Monday, January 24, on Acorn TV and its digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon Channels.


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