Peacock announced today the cast of its upcoming Australian crime thriller Irreverent, which will be led by Colin Donnell.

Colin Donnell
Colin Donnell — Photo by Nathan Johnson, courtesy of Peacock

A co-production between Peacock and Netflix Australia from NBCUniversal International Studios’ Matchbox Pictures, Irreverent will star Colin Donnell (Chicago Med, Arrow) as the lead character in the fish-out-of-water drama.

Irreverent follows Paulo Keegan (Donnell), a skilled and articulate criminal mediator who keeps the peace between organized crime families in Chicago. After a mediation goes badly wrong, Paulo flees to Clump, Australia — a small, remote, and eccentric beach town hundreds of miles away from civilization and phone reception. Here he assumes the identity of Reverend Mackenzie “Mack” Boyd in order to stay ahead of the people who want him dead, while desperately searching for an exit strategy before his past catches up to him.

In addition to Colin Donnell, the series regulars include:

  • P.J. Byrne (The Boys, Big Little Lies) will play Mackenzie Boyd, a church Reverend in Chicago who never ruffles any feathers. Devastated by his wife leaving him before their relocation to Australia, Mackenzie meets Paulo on the flight over and runs off with his money in a bid to inject some adventure into his predictable life. Mackenzie will start to lean on his new “buddy” Mack for support during an existential crisis and his deep feelings of loneliness.
  • Kylie Bracknell (The Gods of Wheat Street, Redfern Now) will play Piper, a gifted cop who has recently returned to her home town after a successful start to her career in the city. Back to the beach, back to the rain forest, and back to her old boyfriend, Aidan, who is thrilled she’s in town again. Piper manages her work with ease, but she is starting to suspect that the new Reverend isn’t exactly what he appears to be.
  • Briallen Clarke (The Heights, The Heart Guy) will play Amy, Piper’s childhood best friend, who misses her and what they used to have. Amy is an engineer at the local sugar mill, and the face of the organized protest fighting for her worker colleagues. Amy and Mack become close, as she becomes someone he can talk to — about some things. Amy wants her friendship with Piper back, but it’s going to take a lot to get it.
  • Tegan Stimson (The Tailings) will play Daisy, a local teenager whose mum recently died and dad is in prison. She lives in the Manse with Mack, and she quickly becomes his key confidant and unlikely partner in crime.
  • Ed Oxenbould (Reckoning, Bloom) will play Cameron, a teenager who is best mates with Daisy. He would help anyone out, for any reason, any time. Cameron has a passion for car engines, which gets him in trouble now and then.
  • Wayne Blair (Mystery Road, Total Control) will play Peter, a local dentist who is devoutly religious and has been campaigning for a new Reverend for years. He has a wife at home with Multiple Sclerosis, who he’s trying to help in all the wrong ways.
  • Russell Dykstra (Rake, Spirited) will play Lester, proprietor of the local bar and soulmate of Amy’s father, Victor. He wants to bring wealth and prosperity to Clump via tourism, but he’s the only one who doesn’t know he’s delusional.
  • Calen Tassone (The Heights, Red Dog: True Blue) will play Harry, Piper’s brother and best mates with Aidan. As the local barman, he knows virtually every secret in Clump, and is increasingly concerned by the chemistry he sees between Piper and Mack.
  • Jason Wilder (Harrow, Great White) will play Aidan, a Clump local. Totally alluring and lovely, he is back in a relationship with Piper after a few years while she lived in the city, and he adores her. He’s a self-taught marine biologist, naturally gifted, runs tours on the reef, and lives aboard his book-laden boat.

Created and written by showrunner Paddy Macrae (Wanted), the series is co-written by Andrew Anastasios (Wentworth), Angela McDonald (The Heart Guy), Darlene Johnson (The Redfern Story), and Andrew Knight (Rake), who also serves as executive producer alongside Debbie Lee (Safe Harbour). The directors are Jonathan Teplitzky (Marcella) and Lucy Gaffy (The Heart Guy), and the producer is Tom Hoffie (Clickbait).

Production on the ten hour-long episodes will begin soon in Queensland, Australia. Filming in Australia has been made possible with the support of the Federal Governments Location Incentive program. Screen Queensland is supporting the series through the Queensland government’s Production Attraction Strategy.

Stay tuned for updates.


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Irreverent: Colin Donnell to Lead Cast of Peacock’s Aussie Crime Thriller
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