The bad boy city slicker surgeon-turned-cottage hospital GP returns when the new season of The Heart Guy debuts in the States tomorrow.

The Heart Guy S4
The Heart Guy: Series 4: Rodger Corser as Hugh Knight — Photo courtesy of Acorn TV

Season 4 of Logie-nominated, fan-favorite Aussie drama The Heart Guy opens a year after the events in the drama-packed third season.

The adorable baby Eliza turns one year old while dad Hugh (Rodger Corser, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Glitch) takes leave of his senses and returns to his partying ways — no thanks to Dr. Tara Cordair (Kate Jenkinson Wentworth), who has been put on probation for a year and is at the Whyhope Hospital to do her penance. Sound familiar?

There are consequences to Hugh’s bad judgment. And Penny (Hayley McElhinney, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Sea Princesses) and the hospital are collateral damage.

Speaking of Penny, she’s moved on from Hugh and is being loved up by her boyfriend, Jarrod Dustin Clare (Wolf Creek), a miner. And Matt (Ryan Johnson, Out of the Blue, The Secret Life of Us) and April (Miranda Tapsell, Newton’s Law) have moved on in their relationship and are happy together. Then Charlie (Nicole da Silva, Wentworth, Rush) shows up back in Whyhope — not just in town to promote her latest novel but at the Knight homestead, too — and stirs up trouble.

Yet another arrival in Whyhope is Dinah (Robyn Nevin, Top of the Lake) — Eliza’s grandmother on mother Harriet’s side. Dinah is a guest at the Knights’ home, as well, and seems to be up to something. What exactly, we shall see.

Matriarch Meryl (Tina Bursill, Neighbours, The Moodys) is always up to something, so her meddling in other people’s lives and manipulating folks to get what she wants continues. Only this time, she angers Ajax (Matt Castley, Blind) into acting against her, and Hailey (Chloe Bayliss, Reef Doctors) gets caught in the middle between her husband and (grand)mother-in-law.

And there’s much more besides…

(Video is from Series 3)

Both Belinda Bromilow (Spirited) and Charles Wu (The Letdown) return as hospital staffers Betty and Ken, respectively, in the ten new episodes, with Ella Scott Lynch (Janet King) making her second guest appearance as Penny’s sister, Celia.

The Heart Guy: Series 4 premieres in the US tomorrow, Monday, December 9, exclusively on Acorn TV and it digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon.


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The Heart Guy: Series 4 of Hit Aussie Drama Set to Debut in the US
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