Acorn TV has set the US and Canada premiere date for Season 2 of its hit romantic dramedy series Under the Vines. Check out the trailer.

Under the Vines S2
Under the Vines: Charles Edwards as Louis, Rebecca Gibney as Daisy — Photo Credit: Jae Frew / Acorn TV

The city slickers-turned-vintners are back! Well, nearly. In a month. So, soon!

For folks who aren’t familiar with this delightful series, it follows two city slickers who inherit a failing vineyard in rural New Zealand. Playing them are Rebecca Gibney (Wanted, Halifax: Retribution) as Sydney socialite Daisy Monroe and Charles Edwards (The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, The Crown) as UK-born lawyer Louis Oakley.

In Season 1, Sydney heads to Peak View, New Zealand, for a holiday at her recently deceased stepfather’s winery, which she intends to sell. The thing is, the vineyard is actually co-owned by Louis, which she learns about when the two meet, as he arrives in this Kiwi wine region to escape a spiraling series of unfortunate events in his life. Neither of them has done a hard day’s work in their lives, and they don’t exactly get on, but after much bickering and back and forth, they set about to make Oakley Winery successful so they can sell it.

Season 2 sees Daisy and Louis still trying to run their struggling vineyard. As Daisy comes to terms with her new life, Louis tries to repair his old one before returning to England. But ultimately, his marriage fails and he stays on to help Daisy run the winery. These two unlikely business partners continue to navigate life in Peak View and its population of quirky locals and Machiavellian rivals, but any chance of a romance between them is muddied when Daisy meets David (Kirk Torrance, The Dead Lands), the handsome local doctor. Meanwhile, Oakley’s young vintner, Tippy (Trae Te Wiki, Shortland Street), has her world shaken by the arrival of popular French vintner, Philippe Bidois — her cousin.

Under the Vines: Season 2, an Acorn TV Original, premieres in the US with its first two episodes on Monday, January 23, exclusively on Acorn TV and its digital channels, including Acorn TV on Amazon. New episodes will debut in pairs each Monday through February 6.


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Under the Vines: Acorn TV Sets Premiere Date for Season 2 of Hit Romantic Dramedy
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