Season 2 of Max Original series Frayed is set to premiere in the US in a couple of days. Here’s a recap of Season 1 and the official Season 2 trailer. Check ’em both out.

Frayed S2
Frayed — Photo courtesy of HBO Max

Created, written by, and starring BAFTA TV nominee Sarah Kendall (Beehive), AACTA Awards-nominated comedy-drama series Frayed follows the ups, downs, and sideways in the life of Samantha “Sammy” Cooper.

In Season 1, it’s 1988 and Sammy (Kendall), rather Simone, is a wealthy London housewife. But after her husband dies suddenly, she discovers the family estate is worth pennies and she is skint. Humiliated about her family’s change in financial and social status, Simone and her children, Lenny (Frazer Hadfield, Casualty) and Tess (Maggie Ireland-Jones), have no choice but to leave their formerly ritzy English life behind them and return to Simone’s no-frills childhood home in Newcastle, Australia — where her family and old friends (ahem) knew her as “Sammy” before she left 20 years ago.

Being back in Oz and realizing that pretty much everyone from her former life feels some kind of way about her (and not in a good way, either), Sammy revisits her past and what led her to flee Newcastle in the first place, all while plotting how to get back to the UK. Things finally start to look up with the prospect of getting her house back — except a rather sticky situation puts a big ol’ damper on the trip back to London for Sammy and her children, not to mention adding serious stress to their lives.

In Season 2, Sammy, Lenny, and Tess are out of Australia and back in Britain, living in a tiny London flat while Sammy frantically tries to prove that Rufus (Robert Webb, Back), her lawyer, stole her house. Barely able to make ends meet working in “exhaust management” (i.e. as a secretary in a muffler repair shop), Sammy is desperate to find a way to reclaim her opulent London life. She also needs to keep her kids far away from Australia and the truth about what happened to their neighbor, Terry.

Meanwhile, back in Newcastle, ambitious cop Fairbank (Hamish Michael, Janet King) is heading up the missing person case, and he simply cannot believe that Terry disappeared. With Jim (Ben Mingay, Packed to the Rafters), Jean (Kerry Armstrong, SeaChange), and Abby (Alexandra Jensen, Amazing Grace) trying to keep their secret hidden, and con artist Bev (Doris Younane, Five Bedrooms) lurking about, it’s only a matter of time before the truth catches up with Sammy and she is called back to be a key witness in the case.

The six-episode second season costars Maggie Dence (The Commons), Trystan Go (The Family Law), Diane Morgan (Motherland), Matt Passmore (McLeod’s Daughters), George Houvardas (Packed to the Rafters), Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones), Jane Hall (Wentworth), and Emma Harvie (The Letdown).

Frayed: Season 2, a Max Original series, premieres in the US on Thursday, November 4, exclusively on HBO Max.


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Frayed: Season 1 Recap + Season 2 Trailer of Max Original Comedy-Drama
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