We’re just a few days away from the Season 2 finale of Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries. Check out an exclusive clip from the hit show’s upcoming episode.

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries
Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries: Geraldine Hakewill as Peregrine Fisher, Joel Jackson as Detective James Steed — Photo Credit: Jackson Finter / Acorn TV

Season 2 of Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, the popular spinoff of the worldwide hit Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, closes with another clever murder mystery story starring Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted) as private detective and Phryne Fisher’s niece Peregrine Fisher, Joel Jackson (Mystery Road) as Detective James Steed, Catherine McClements (Tangle) as Adventuress Birdie Birnside, Toby Truslove (Bad Mothers) as Birdie’s inventor brother Samuel, Louisa Mignone (Rake) as scientist and Samuel’s amore Violetta, and Greg Stone (Glitch) as Chief Inspector Percy Sparrow.

“New Year’s Evil” finds Peregrine hosting the New Year’s Eve party at the Adventuresses’ Club — an event that rings in 1965 with a bang. Literally. Pat Ansley (Louis Lucente, Jersey Boys), the lead singer of The Magentas, has been shot dead.

Five hours earlier…

Peregrine is welcoming guests to the party, most of whom are quite excited that The Magentas, Melbourne’s hottest pop band, is the star attraction of the lavish event. One of the band’s fans is Sally Whedon (Emma Hamilton, Fearless), James’s hometown friend and (apparently) new girlfriend, whereas Birdie’s friend, Oona O’Doherty (Nell Feeney, The Gloaming), has nothing but venomous words for the hip trio.

For Peregrine, it was definitely not groovy for James to show up at the party (despite the anonymous invitation), and especially to have brought Sally with him. But the pair soon put their tiff to the side as they have something more pressing to tend to, as the countdown to 1965 started with cheers and glee and ended with a gunshot and the horrified screams of guests seeing Pat’s body dead on the floor.

With the crime being akin to a locked door mystery, it’s up to Peregrine and James to find the killer — and there is no shortage of suspects amongst the guests and band members.

“New Year’s Evil” features Emily Milledge (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries), Tom New, and James Ballard (Neighbours).

Season 2 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, an Acorn TV Original series, comes to a close in the US and Canada on Monday, July 19, exclusively on Acorn TV.

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Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries: Exclusive Clip from Season 2’s Final Episode