The wait is nearly over. Season 8 of the multiple award-winning Wentworth arrives in the US on Netflix next month.

Wentworth — Photo © Fremantle

It’s exciting and bittersweet. That Wentworth: Season 8 premieres in the US exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, September 30, is great news. But knowing that this is the penultimate season of the seriously dark and gritty crime drama has left some fans feeling a bit dejected.

Still, by the time Season 9 arrives in 2021, Wentworth will have given us 100 fantastic episodes. And that’s worth celebrating now as well as later.

As is the soon-to-debut (in the US) Season 8, which finds the prisoners and the staff struggling to cope in the aftermath of the siege (in Season 7). New mum Vera (Kate Atkinson, Jack Irish) is reluctant to return to work, but she gets an offer she can’t refuse, so she doesn’t and heads back to Wentworth, where Ann Reynolds (Jane Hall, Newton’s Law) is the new General Manager. Also back at the prison, not as an employee but as an inmate, is Lou Kelly (Kate Box, Rake), a former Wentworth top dog who’s in the slammer with her transgender boyfriend, Reb Keane (Zoe Terakes, Janet King). And another new inmate is Judy Bryant (Vivienne Awosoga, The Time of Our Lives), a British hacker suspected of terrorism.

Now for the shocker: Former Wentworth governor and inmate Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe, F*!#ing Adelaide) is not dead, having miraculously survived being buried alive.

Lastly, Marta Dusseldorp (A Place to Call Home) guest stars in Season 8.



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Wentworth: Season 8 of Hit Australian Crime Drama Gets Premiere Date on Netflix
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