Straight Forward, Acorn TV’s first Danish-New Zealander co-production, launched in the US today exclusively on the SVOD service.

Cecilie Stenspil as Silvia in Straight Forward
Cecilie Stenspil as Sylvia in Straight Forward — Photo courtesy of Acorn TV

Filmed in Queenstown, New Zealand, and Copenhagen, Denmark, Straight Forward follows skilled con woman Sylvia (Cecilie Stenspil, The Protectors) as she is pursued from the cosmopolitan capital of Denmark to the Kiwi resort town after a hired assassin murders her father in cold blood.

Sylvia adored her dad, Desmond Petersen (Andrew Grainger, When We Go to War), a small-time crook with a conscience. Growing up, she learned several of her life skills through him, from magic tricks to scams. And playing dress up as a youngster grew into her talent with disguises. So when Des dies from injuries caused by the near-point-blank gunshot, Sylvia plots revenge on the man who ordered the hit: notorious crime boss Ravn (Mark Mitchinson, Dear Murderer).

Except Sylvia’s plan of stealing 18 million krone from Ravn goes sideways, and her life and the lives of her mum Lisbeth (Vibeke Hastrup, Ride Upon the Storm) and her teen daughter Ida (Marie Boda, Heartless) get turned upside down.

Now Ravn wants his own revenge as well as his money. And detective-gone-rogue Jacob Qvist (Troels Lyby, The Team) has his own reasons for wanting to catch Sylvia.

All three women are in danger and forced to flee their homes — with Sylvia landing in Queenstown, where she starts a new life under a different identity and with a different look.

Then one of them gets caught in Ravn’s clutches…

The eight-episode drama, shown in English and Danish with English subtitles, costars Britta Brandt (Dirty Laundry), John Callen (The Hobbit trilogy), Stephane Garneau-Monten (Murdoch Mysteries), newcomer Arlo Green, Levi Holley (800 Words), Matthew Walker (Home and Away), and Edwin Wright (Top of the Lake).

A production of Screentime NZ and Mastiff Denmark in collaboration with Nordic streaming service Viaplay, and co-produced by Acorn Media Enterprises, Straight Forward is now streaming in the US exclusively on Acorn TV and the Acorn TV channel on Amazon.


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Straight Forward: Kiwi-Scandi Crime Thriller Premieres in the US
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