Welshman Ioan Gruffudd stars as the eponymous forensic pathologist in Harrow, the latest mystery series from Australia to screen in the US.

Ioan Gruffudd in Harrow
Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Daniel Harrow — Image courtesy of Hulu

From where I sit, some TV trends need to just stop already (cough, reboots, cough), while others — such as awesome shows from Down Under being shown in the US — should continue indefinitely.

Harrow is the latest series in the latter category.

Set in Brisbane, this contemporary mystery-crime drama series stars Ioan Gruffudd (Liar, Forever, UnREAL) as Dr. Daniel Harrow — the divorced dad of a rebellious daughter and a highly-skilled forensic pathologist with a deliciously wicked sense of humor, a sailboat for a home, and a complete disregard for rules and authority.

The ten-part first season features a standalone mystery in each Latin-titled episode and an arc that centers on the mystery of the river bones. The opening scene of the first episode — “Actus Reus” (translation: guilty act) — concerns said mystery, then segues to the story of the week, as it were.

Instead of performing the autopsy on a man who died with clown makeup on, Harrow munches popcorn while watching the classic film High Noon, then delivers a rather emotional explanation to his boss, Maxine Pavich (Robyn Malcolm, Outrageous Fortune), as to why he refuses to do the autopsy. (His rationale provides insight into his sense of justice.)

When he returns home to Bettie, his boat, Harrow finds a man waiting for him. It is Bruce Reimers (Gary Sweet, The Doctor Blake Mysteries), a father whose daughter died 18 months ago. Reimers insists she was murdered by her fiancé and he wants Harrow to help him prove it. Even though the case has been long closed, Harrow bends the rules in his determination to discover the truth behind what really happened to the dead woman.

Meanwhile, Harrow’s estranged daughter, Fern (Ella Newton, Newton’s Law), has resurfaced, and he promises to quit his job and take her sailing to Fiji in order to reconnect with her. Only his plan and promise go sideways after Sergeant Soroya Dass (Mirrah Foulkes, Top of the Lake) shows him what the police just pulled from the river: the remains of an adult male set in concrete.

And so resurfaces a secret from Harrow’s past that threatens him, his family, and his career.

Co-produced by Australia’s Hoodlum Entertainment in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Screen Queensland, and Disney’s ABC Studios International, Harrow co-stars Remy Hii (Crazy Rich Asians) as forensic pathology assistant Simon Van Reyk; Anna Lise Phillips (Crownies) as Harrow’s ex-wife Stephanie Tolson; Darren Gilshenan (No Activity) as Harrow’s smarmy colleague Dr. Lyle Fairly; and Damien Garvey (Rake) as Detective Bryan Nichols.

Production on Season 2 is set to start this month.

Harrow premieres in the US tomorrow, September 7, on Hulu. It’s great. Go watch it.


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Harrow: Aussie Mystery Series Starring Ioan Gruffudd Premieres in the US
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